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Jennifer Aniston Fakes

2013-Jun-25 - Jennifer Aniston Wears Nothing Under Her Dress

Although in this fantasy image of Jennifer Aniston she is not naked, we have a stirring opportunity of making sure that our favorite star does not wear lingerie. No, she actually has nothing under that little black dress of hers! In one of her fakes, Jennifer was already represented to be showing her nude crotch, but she was perfectly nude then, and she showed it off deliberately. This time, she just seems to be stretching herself a bit. As for her bare pussy, it is only a pure coincidence that we can see it, too. But... who knows? That girl looks too cute to be quite innocent. A lovely fake with a good pinch of humor.

jennifer aniston pantiless fake

You may also cast a glance under Emma Watson's skirt!

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2013-Mar-9 - Jennifer Aniston Hot Fake

What about another hot fake of Jennifer Aniston? Fake? Of course, as it always the case with pics in this blog, it is fake. Unfortunately. But, in fact, how else can you see Jennifer Aniston hot? Really hot! Actually, she is so decent... But PhotoShop can make wonders! Nothing can stop your imagination now, so Jennifer comes in as hot as you may only dream of :) An excellent addition to our collection of best hot celebs' pics: Jennifer Aniston caught hot on a hot sunny day somewhere in the field with almost no clothes on. Was it really so hot outside then, or did she take them off because she was so hot herself for some other reason?

fake jennifer aniston outdoor photo shooting

See also Kate Beckinsale stripping down outside, one more instance of nude outdoor merrymaking.

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2012-Oct-14 - Jennifer Aniston Cupping Boobs

Jennifer Aniston cups her massive boobs and does nothing to hide away her bare camel toe. A funny manner of seducing which makes her laugh herself. One of those charming fakes that do not only stir up sexually, but are simply entertaining, too.

jennifer aniston boobs and camel toe fake

Oh well, nude showing off often makes girls look funny :)

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2012-Aug-27 - Sexy Aniston

Be careful with Jennifer, that nip slip which may look quite casual is actually perfectly deliberate, and can make you really crazy! We believe that this fake is one of the sexiest Aniston fantasy images ever seen on the Web. The golden splendor of Jennifer's hair comes in touch with the crimson luxury of her dress to produce an explosive mixture ready to blow your mind up. And the puffy nipple showing up from under the fabric is like a trigger cocked to make a deafening blast.

jennifer aniston hot and sexy

Celebrity girls get extremely dangerous when they GET NAKED!

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2012-May-28 - Jennifer Aniston Exposes Crotch

Sweet Jennifer gets undressed and lies down on her side to stretch her buttocks and let you see her amazing crotch in detail. Both tight holes are ready for pumping, can you actually desire to get more?

jennifer aniston nude crotch fake

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2012-Jan-12 - Jennifer Aniston Eating Dicks

A stunning fake fantasy that features Jennifer Aniston having oral sex with two men at once. Congratulations to Jennifer, and regards to sbc company, Jennifer's mouth turns out big enough to take two dicks in at the same time. And there's plenty of room left yet :)


fake jennifer aniston eating on two dicks at once


Paris Hilton oral sex fakes

Jessica Alba blowjob audition


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2011-Oct-20 - Fake Jennifer Aniston XXX Scene

Never seen on movie screens, this XXX scene starring Jennifer Aniston is mostly provocative and exciting. Lovely Jennifer lies lazily on her side, doing actually nothing, while her man is pumping her pussy from behind. Real hardcore.

jennifer aniston x-rated scene


Catherine Zeta-Jones XXX Fake


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2011-Sep-26 - Jennifer Aniston Boobs

Magnificent boobs and incredible faker job! This young lady who resembles Jennifer Aniston so much has every reason to be proud of her breasts, large enough to be called boobs, and still very well shaped.

jennifer aniston boobs


Jessica Alba Boobs


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2011-Aug-15 - Jennifer Aniston Butt

Not only her butt! You may also enjoy her asshole and a piece of her cameltoe seen from behind. And one of her feet, too. Nude shoulders and a little bit of her bare tit are included for free! When asked to show some of her ass, Jennifer was very kind to pull down her shirt, too, and pull aside the strap of her panties to show off the very best of herself. In private, of course.

jennifer aniston showing off her butt


Cameron Diaz Butt


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2011-Jul-8 - Jennifer Aniston Fucked

jennifer aniston fucked

See Jennifer Aniston Fucked again! Again and again! They've changed position and went on fucking. And the guy called Barbarosa kept shooting them. Many thanks! In addition to other sex positions, now we've got an image of Jennifer Aniston fucked from behind.

More? See some of Jennifer Aniston Threesome Fucking

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2011-Jun-5 - Jennifer Aniston Cameltoe

Jennifer Aniston Cameltoe Parody. Oh, they did not even try to make Jennifer expose her pussy in an obscene manner. They only made her undress and sit on the floor with her legs tucked up. She did not mind posing nude for a while, and did not even notice that a yummy and pudgy bit of her cameltoe was peeping out from between her thighs...

Angelina Jolie Cameltoe

jennifer aniston cameltoe

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2011-May-26 - Jennifer Aniston Sex

Searching the Web for Jennifer Aniston Sex? What do you say of Jennifer Aniston having anal sex? This hardcore fake gives you a very nice opportunity of seeing, or fancying, Jennifer Aniston getting fucked. You may only feel sorry that the guy she is having sex with is not you :)

Jennifer Lopez Sex

jennifer aniston sex


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2011-May-5 - Jennifer Aniston Nude

jennifer aniston nude


Jennifer Aniston Nude! Adorable! Amazing! Perfect! See Jennifer Aniston represented stark naked, with nude tits and nude pussy, nude legs and nude shoulders, nude belly and nude... everything! And a very nice addition to this nudity show is a smiling face of Jennifer Aniston herself, elaborately attached to the nude body which does not actually belong to her :) See also more of Jennifer Aniston Nude!


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2011-Apr-10 - Jennifer Aniston Porn

jennifer aniston porn



Enjoy some more of Jennifer Aniston Porn! A very hot threesome scene in which Jennifer Aniston receives two hearty loads of cum right on her breasts, like a real porn star. Besides two big cocks, this explicit pic features Jennifer's double's exposed hairy pussy and original Jennifer's happy smile. Generally, the image looks like a pic taken out of a vintage porn magazine, dated back to 1980s, or even 1970s.

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2011-Mar-27 - Jennifer Aniston Fuck

jennifer aniston fuckOne more Jennifer Aniston Fuck episode! A hot fake of Jennifer Aniston having a fuck with a guy on the couch. As J.A. is caught with a large cock stuck in her shaved pussy and a beaming smile on her face, fucking seems to please her a lot.

More of Jennifer Aniston Fuck scenes!


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